Franz Ludwig Kostelezky
Hey, I'm Franz Ludwig Ich bin Franz Ludwig
Not only am I a tech-fanatic - currently studying the subject "Embedded Systems Engineering" in Freiburg, Germany - but also I'm an outdoor- and sports-enthusiast. Und ich studiere derzeit "Embedded Systems Engineering" in Freiburg.

My second guitar is cherry

Meine zweite Gittare ist rot

Advanced educational and technical expertise Versierte technische Expertise
I have experience in wide areas in the technical field. Including embedded-systems-engineering, CAD, PCB-design, areonautical-engineering, full-stack-web and cross-functional. Ich habe viel Erfahrung im technischen Bereich ansammeln können. Unter anderem in "Embedded-systems-engineering", CAD, PCB-Design, full-stack-web and cross-functional.

Wanting to learn something? Go here: Willst Du was Neues lernen? Schau mal hier vorbei:

Also have a look at Und wenn Du schon dabei bist: github/flemk
See what I'm currently up to Das beschäftigt mich gerade
Starting my masters's in fall 2022 Master im WS 2022
I will study embedded systems engineering as a masters in fall 2022. Besides that I will work as a working student at the SICK AG. Have a look at my LinkedIn. Ich werde mein Masterstudium im Fach Embedded Systems Engineering beginnen. Nebenbei werde ich als Werkstudent bei der SICK AG arbeiten. Have a look at my LinkedIn.
Have a great day! Have a great day!